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I have preached the following sermons at the Lone Grove church of Christ. The majority of these sermons are in manuscript form. Please keep in mind that I did not write these sermons to be grammatically correct and you will find incomplete sentences, typos, and misspelled words. The majority of my sermons are done in power point. If you would like to see the power point file just click on the next to the sermon. You will also start finding a red next to my audio sermons. This link will open up the power point file and allow you to hear the sermon and watch the power point presentation automatically as it was presented live. Please note it takes a high speed connection to be able to use this feature properly. Be sure to select open instead of save or you will not hear the audio with the presentation. If you don't have power point on your computer then click here to download the power point viewer. To hear the audio sermons just click on the link. You will also find some Bible class notes in here as well. You will also find adult Bible class material on the lower right. Updated 3-1-2023.


New Beginnings
5 Great Duties ..
Assembling With The Saints
Four Steps To Spiritual ..
How Are Your Eyes

Jesus The Teacher ..
Seven Lies The Devil ..
The Ark And The Church

The Sheep And The Shepherd
Things For Christians To..

What The Cross Brings

God's Amazing Grace


Act Like Men
Going The Second Mile
Is LIfe Worth Living
Lost Opportunities
Mothers Of The Bible
Relighting Your Spiritual Passion
The Dangers Of Drifting
7 things the Lord hates

Disadvantages of being a Christian
Gaining Strength from God
Getting ready to grow
How to overcome discourag...
It happens to frogs and men
Things worth crying over
The dead church
Benefits of a small church

The Providence of God
The Lord's Supper
Labors in the vineyard
Counting the cost


The beginning and growth...

Jesus the wonderful savior



Why am I a Christian

Preparing new Christians for dis..

What our homes need most

God amazing Grace

Room in God's Kingdom

The power and providence..

How the devil wins a Christian

Living the abundant life
Willing & Able
Dare To Be A Daniel
Characteristics of Christian ..
The dangers of doubting
A Famine for the Word
The characteristic of a ...
How to overcome worry
Individual responsibility
What ticket do you hold
Learning from the children ..
What God Wants
The truth about gambling
The reality of Hell
How beautiful heaven ..
The Dangers of Procrastination
Am I My Brothers Keeper
Learning From Hypocrites
Happiness In The Lord
From The Heart To The Tongue 1
From The Heart To The Tongue 2
Christian Evidences 1
Christian Evidences 2
Science & The Bible 1
Science & The Bible 2
Is Homosexuality a Sin?
The Value Of Persistence
Congregational Evangelism
Reclaiming Your Spiritual Passion
Stepping Up to Spiritual Maturity
An Obedient Faith.
Learning To Be Christ-like
Being an Unprofitable Servant
The Power of an Invitation
The Spirit of Christmas
The Great Commission
Things that cannot be moved
Who can you blame if you are lost
The Providence of God in Psalm 105
Do you trust in God
Psalm 103
Luke 17:20-37
Who was the angel of the Lord...
Simplicity in Christ
God's definition of a Christian
Four Friends
Holy Living
A Christian's approach to
life situations series:

Doubt 1
Worry 2
Anger 3
Pride 4
Gossip 5
Failure 6
Illness 7
Ingratitude 8
Prejudice 9
Self-confidence 10
Forgiveness 11
Laziness 12
Selfishness 13

Death 14
Loneliness 15
Covetousness 16
Lying 17
Discipline 18
Old Age 19
Family Matters 20
Addiction 21
Sin 22
The Golden Rule
A Family For The Lord
Give Me A Bargain
She Gave All She Had
(If Every Member Were Like Me,
What Kind of Church Would There Be? 1&2)

Has Christianity changed you?
A man with a wait problem
At the front or at the base
The 7 sayings from the cross
Do you want to be rich?
10 Step Program
What Jesus Said About Worship
Mother's Day
The Temptation To Sin
The Meekness of Moses
What difference do you make?
The commitment of Elisha
Father's Day
A Christ Centered Life (revised)
The poison of bitterness
When Good Men Do Nothing
What can I do?
Abigail's Intervention
Law vrs Grace (revised)
Onward Christian Soldiers
Your Actions Define Your Character
How Strong is Your Faith? (revised)
Getting The Most Out of The Assembly
Getting The Most Out of Singing
Getting The Most Out of The L. S.
Getting The Most Out of Prayer
Getting The Most Out of Giving
Getting The Most Out of Preaching
The Destructive Nature of The Tongue
Are You Ready? 1
Are You Ready? 2
Influencing Our Children
Looking For Hope In All The Wrong Places
Loving One Another
Don't Bother Them
Convenience or Commitment
All To Jesus I Surrender
The Joy of Serving God
The Victorious Kingdom
Restoring True Christianity
The Double Life
The Great Salvation
Stand Up For Jesus
Limiting Jesus' Power to Save
Will Your Faith Last?
Have a Positive Attitude
Are You a Pharisee?
Sitting at the Feet of Jesus
Yes & No
The Divine Pattern
Will One Un-repented Sin Close
the Doors of Heaven?

(4 part series covering all the
the books of the Bible, their dates,
what they cover, and the time span
they cover. Includes two charts.)

An Overview of the Bible 1 & 2 PDF
An Overview of the Bible 3 & 4 PDF

I have gotten behind on making my
sermons available, so I am going
to start posting them in their rough
draft form. This means there will
be more typos and missing words
than usually, but still readable and
usable. Here they are:

Are you a dud?
Things money cannot buy
The Nature of Criticism
Ingredients of christianity
Behold the pattern
Are you Raising Your Ebenezer
Dealing with Suffering 1 & 2
The bare necessities
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Preparing for battle
The joy of having a Savior
The joy of having hope
The joy of a Christian marriage
The joy of serving the Lord
The joy of forgiveness
The joy of assembling with the saints
The joy of sharing the good news
A close look at Mt. 24 & 25
There shall be no night there
Do not let your fire go out
5BX spiritual fitness plan
Our Warfare And Its Weapons
How Jesus began His ministry
Keys To A Successful Meeting
I just want to fit in
Who are your heroes
A simple lesson from a pencil
Faith as a mustard seed
Romans 12 1 & 2
A christian carol
No Substitutes accepted
The Miracles of Jesus 1
The Miracles of Jesus 2
The Miracles of Jesus 3
The Miracles of Jesus 4
Having the right attitude
The heart of a child
Four essentials for soul saving
Does the church really matter?
Be of good cheer
Are you a disciple of Jesus?
Making marriage work
Be thankful
What is the Christian life 1
What is the Christian life 2
What is the Christian life 3
What is the Christian life 4
What is the Christian life 5
A year for the Lord
Back to the God of love
Have you forgotten something?
Have you found your purpose?
Two kinds of men
My son
Do not turn again
Jesus, the great uniter and divider 1, 2
Women and their influence
The power of our thoughts 1
The power of our thoughts 2
Learning from a postage stamp 1, 2
My responsibilities to others 1,2
Wake up and live for God 1,2
The danger of our blessings 1, 2
Judged by the Word
The art of listening 1, 2
The spirit of compromise
What are the greatest things in life 1
What are the greatest things in life 2,3

Wake up!
This concludes the rough drafts.
I will have more sermons coming soon.
The Strange and the Spooky 1
The Strange and the Spooky 2
There is power in the blood

How can we know what is binding? PDF

Romans 1
Romans 2
Romans 3
Romans 4

Romans 5
Romans 6

Romans 7
Romans 8
Romans 9
Romans 10
Romans 11
Romans 12

Romans 13
Romans 14
Romans 15
Romans 16
Romans 17
Romans 18

Romans 19
Romans 20

Romans 21

It is time to press on
James Intro
James 1
James 2


Why Study The OT
The Book of Genesis
Exodus 1
Exodus 2
Exodus 4
Exodus 5
Exodus 6
Exodus 7
Exodus 8
Exodus 9
Exodus 10
Exodus 11

Numbers 1
Numbers 2
Numbers 3
Numbers 4
Numbers 5
Numbers 6
Numbers 7
Numbers 8
Law verse Grace
The Use of hell
Overview of Joshua
Joshua 1

Joshua 2
Joshua 3
Joshua 4
Joshua 5
Judges 1
Judges 2
Judges 3
Judges 4
Judges 5
Judges 6
Judges 7
Judges 8
Ruth 1
Ruth 2
A Christ centered life
1 Samuel 1
1 Samuel 2
1 Samuel 3
1 Samuel 4
1 Samuel 5
1 Samuel 6
1 Samuel 7
1 Samuel 8
1 Samuel 9
1 Samuel 10
1 Samuel 11
1 Samuel 12
1 Samuel 13
United or divided
2 Samuel 1
2 Samuel 2
2 Samuel 3
2 Samuel 4
2 Samuel 5
2 Samuel 6
2 Samuel 7
2 Samuel 8

2 Samuel 9
2 Samuel 10
2 Samuel 11
2 Samuel 12
2 Samuel 13
How Strong Is Your Faith?
The Rapture 1
The Rapture 2
The Rapture 3
The Rapture 4
The Rapture 5
The Rapture 6
The Guide to Faithfulness
1 Kings 1
1 Kings 2
1 Kings 3
1 Kings 4
1 Kings 5
1 Kings 6
1 Kings 7
1 Kings 8
1 Kings 9
1 Kings 10

1 Kings 11
1 Kings 12
1 Kings 13
1 Kings 14
1 Kings 15
Sabbatarianism 1
Sabbatarianism 2
The storms of change
Surviving the storms of change
2 Kings 1
2 Kings 2
2 Kings 3

2 Kings 4
2 Kings 5
2 Kings 6
2 Kings 7
2 Kings 8
2 Kings 9
2 Kings 10
2 Kings 11
2 Kings 12
2 Kings 13
2 Kings 14
2 Kings 15
The need for evangelism
Evangelism evaluation
Evangelism & growth..
What about cremation
In the pursuit of enthusiasm
Controversial questions answered
(Women's role, young boys leading
singing, Who is the man of sin?)
Be Thankful
The kind of preaching that God wants
God can strengthen us
Where is my pat on the back
Ezra 1
Ezra 2
Ezra 3
Ezra 4
Ezra 5
Ezra 6
Nehemiah 1
Nehemiah 2
Nehemiah 3
Nehemiah 4
Nehemiah 5
Nehemiah 6
Remember Lot's Wife
Take Heed
Esther 1
Esther 2
Esther 3
Esther 4
Esther 5
7 Alarms of Hebrews
7 Lies the Devil (revised)
7 Pillars of the Church
7 Churches
7 Things the Lord Hates (revised)
Job 1
Job 2
Job 3
Job 4
Job 5
Job 6

Job 7
Job 8
Job 9
The Courage of Ananias
Living The Abundant Life (revised)
Don't Rock The Boat
The Enemy within
Thanksgiving (revised)
The Priorities of Paul
Psalms 1

Psalms 2
Psalms 3
Psalms 4
Psalms 5
Psalms 6
Psalms 7
Psalms 8
Psalms 9
Psalms 10
Psalms 11
Psalms 12
Psalms 13
Psalms 14
Psalms 15
Psalms 16
Psalms 17
Psalms 18
Psalms 19
Psalms 20
Blessed Assurance
Holy Spirit 1 & 2
Are There Degrees of Rewards
and Punishments in Eternity?

Confronting The Lost
Today is the First Day
of the Rest of Your Life

Proverbs 1
Proverbs 2
Proverbs 3
Proverbs 4
Proverbs 5
Proverbs 6
Proverbs 7
Proverbs 8
Proverbs 9
Proverbs 10
Proverbs 11
Proverbs 12
Ecclesiastes 1
Ecclesiastes 2
Ecclesiastes 3
Ecclesiastes 4
Ecclesiastes 5
Ecclesiastes 6,7
Ecclesiastes 8
Ecclesiastes 9,10
Ecclesiastes 11,12
Evidence for the
existence of God 1
Evidence for the
existence of God 2
Evidence for the
existence of God 3
Evidence for the
existence of God 4
Evidence for the
existence of God 5
Song of Solomon
Just a Little Talk With Jesus
Answering more questions
The ultimate test of leadership
What does it mean to worship?
The first day of the week
Major & Minor Prophets
Isaiah 1
Isaiah 2
Isaiah 3
Isaiah 4
Isaiah 5
Isaiah 6
Isaiah 7
Isaiah 8
Isaiah 9
Isaiah 10
Isaiah 11
Isaiah 12
Isaiah 13
Isaiah 14

Isaiah 15
Isaiah 16
Isaiah 17
Isaiah 18
Isaiah 19
Isaiah 20
Isaiah 21
Isaiah 22
Should we drink?

Seeking Acceptance 1&2
4 part - Men needed in the church
2 part - women needed in the church
Why are there so many churches? Chart
The Life of Christ 1&2
The Life of Christ 3
The Life of Christ 4
The Life of Christ 5

The Life of Christ 6
The Life of Christ 7
The Life of Christ 8
The Life of Christ 9
The Life of Christ 10
The Life of Christ 11
The Life of Christ 12
The Life of Christ 13
The Life of Christ 14
The Life of Christ 15
The Life of Christ 16
The Life of Christ 17
The Life of Christ 18
The Life of Christ 19
The Life of Christ 20
The Life of Christ 21
The Life of Christ 22
The Life of Christ 23
The Life of Christ 24
The Life of Christ 25
The Life of Christ 26
The Life of Christ 27
The Life of Christ 28
The Life of Christ 29
The Life of Christ 30
The Life of Christ 31
The Life of Christ 32
The Life of Christ 33
The Life of Christ 34
The Life of Christ 35
The Life of Christ 36
The Life of Christ 37
The Life of Christ 38
The Life of Christ 39

The Life of Christ 40
The Life of Christ 41
The Life of Christ 42
The Life of Christ 43

The Life of Christ 44
The Life of Christ 45

The Life of Christ 46
The Life of Christ
The Life of Christ 48

The Life of Christ 49
The Life of Christ 50

The Life of Christ 51
The Life of Christ 52
The Life of Christ 53
The Life of Christ
The Life of Christ
The Life of Christ

The Life of Christ
The Life of Christ
The Life of Christ

The Life of Christ 60
The Life of Christ 61
The Life of Christ 62
The Life of Christ 63
The Life of Christ 64
The Life of Christ 65
The Life of Christ 66
The Life of Christ 67
The Life of Christ 68
The Life of Christ

The Life of Christ 70
The Life of Christ 71
The Life of Christ 72
The Life of Christ 73
The Life of Christ 74
The Life of Christ 75
The Life of Christ 76
The Life of Christ 77
The Life of Christ 78
The Life of Christ 79
The Life of Christ 80

The Life of Christ 81
The Life of Christ 82
The Life of Christ 83
The Life of Christ 84
The Life of Christ

The Life of Christ 86
The Life of Christ 87
The Life of Christ 88
The Life of Christ 89
The Life of Christ 90
The Life of Christ 91
The Life of Christ 92
The Life of Christ 93
The Life of Christ 94
The Life of Christ 95
The Life of Christ 96

The Life of Christ 97
The Life of Christ 98
The Life of Christ 99


These videos refute the false claims of evolution as presented in the first 10 episodes of the show COSMOS. Share this series with everyone you can, especially those who believe in evolution.


Father's Day sermon 2016 audio only.

Gospel Meeting Sep. 2017 BSOP - Tavaris Armstrong.

AM Class: Philippines overview
AM Worship: Rejoice that Gospel is preached
PM Worship: Rejoice that we can sacrrfice with Christ
Monday: Rejoice that we have likeminded co-laborers
Tuesday: Rejoice in the peace we have in Christ
Wednesday: Rejoice always

Gospel Meeting I (Cougan) preached at the Paul's Valley Church of Christ. The Bible class was not recorded. April 2016

AM Worship: Influencing our Children
PM Worship: If every member were like me..
Monday: Are you ready for the judgment day?
Tuesday: Living the Christian Life 1
Wednesday:Living the Christian Life 2

Phil Sanders preached another Gospel Meeting for us. You can hear the sermons he preached below. June 1-4 2014

Class: Personal Spiritual Development
AM Worship: Back to the Cross
PM Worship: The Cost of Discipleship
Monday: A Sermon on Jesus
Tuesday: I Believe

We had a great Gospel Meeting with Phil Sanders. If you want to enjoy some great lessons listen to these by Phil. Oct. 2010

Contagious Christianity
Why You Should Be A Christian
How Do You Stand With the Lord?
God Wants Your Heart
Will Jesus Really Help Me?
Five Minutes After Death

We recently had a seminar "Archaeology & The Bible" delivered by Dewayne Bryant. It was interesting and informative. If you would like Dewayne to present a seminar for your congregation, please email him at: dewaynebryant@mac.com. Below are the lessons he delivered which do not include his power point presentations. Also, the last lesson, "Four Questions Christians Face" did not record correctly.

Historical Reliability of the Bible
How Did We Get the Bible?
Archaeology and Biblical Faith
Jesus Under Fire
Lessons From a Roman Villa

Many in the religious world believe that the signs are right for the rapture and armageddon. These 6 lessons will reveal what the Bible says about the rapture view and the end of time.

The Rapture 1
The Rapture 2
The Rapture 3
The Rapture 4
The Rapture 5
The Rapture 6

The following 6 sermons cover the topic of worship and will answer many questions such as: Why does the church of Christ not use creed books or bylaws? Why don't we use mechanical musical instruments? Why don't we teach people to tithe? Why do we partake of the Lord's Supper every week? These are just some of the questions that are answered in this series.

DSL or higher
Worship 1
Lord's Supper 2
Prayer 3
Preaching 4
Singing 5
Giving 6
Other Sermons

DSL or higher
Note: When clicking on the red PP
select open instead of save
or you will not hear any audio.
Antiism 1
Antiism 2
God's amazing Grace

Room in God's Kingdom

How beautiful heaven must be
The reality of Hell
The truth about gambling
Magicians, Mediums & the like
Willing & Able
The Dangers of Procrastination
From The Heart To The Tongue 1
From The Heart To The Tongue 2
How Strong Is Your Faith?
Christian Evidences 1
Christian Evidences 2
Science & The BIble 1
Science & The BIble 2
The Great
Things that cannot be moved
Luke 17:20-37
Sabbatarianism 1
Sabbatarianism 2
The storms of change
Surviving the storms of change
Who was the angel of the Lord..1?
Who was the angel of the Lord..2?
2 Kings 5 (Salvation)

The Obscure...Part 1
The Obscure...Part 2
The Obscure...Part 3

The following files are Bible class notes. Some of these are very detailed, while others only cover a portion of the verses. This first group of files include the Bible study of 1st and 2nd Timothy including a study of the life of Paul.

Timeline of Paul
Paul's first journey
Paul's second journey
Paul's third journey
Paul at Jerusalem
Paul's trip to Rome
1Timothy Outline
1Timothy 1
1Timothy 2
1Timothy 3
Elders Chart 1
Elders Chart 2
1Timothy 4
1Timothy 5
1Timothy 6
2Timothy 1
2Timothy 2
2Timothy 3
2Timothy 4

In this study, we examined the 1st century customs and traditions. Every congregation would benefit from a study like this because it helps people understand the Bible better. The main file is in pdf format and it should be used with the Power Point file as it contains pictures and illustrations.

1st century study pdf
1st century study Power Point

Below is a commentary of John as I presented it in our Wednesday night Bible class. If you would like to download the full commentary in .pdf format click here.

John 1
John 2

John 3
John 4
John 5
John 6
John 7
John 8
John 9
John 10
John 11
John 12
John 13
John 14
John 15
John 16
John 17
John 18
John 19
John 20
John 21

To prepare for a door knocking campaign, I adapted material from the "Safety Chain" and other sources. I hope you will find it helpful.

Preparing to knock doors
Some objections you may encounter
Safety Chain 1
Safety Chain 2

A VBS adult Bible class.

The Challenge to Trust God

This study on angels will give you a better understanding on their origin, work, and destiny. You will also learn about Satan and demons. Please feel free to print out this study on your printer. I think you will find that your congregation will enjoy this study. It is a complete study with handouts. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view it and print it.

New! This study is available in a coil bound half letter book for $5.00 if you would like a hard copy or multiple copies for a Bible class setting. Just email me with the order.

A Closer Look at Angels
Power Point Slides I used with this study.
1 2 3


Steve Melton contacted me via email about the topic of using one container or multiple containers for the Lord's Supper. He believes we must use one literal container, and he presented his arguments for his view. I opposed those arguments showing that we can use multiple containers. We had our discussion via e-mail. Though our discussion is informal, it contains a lot of useful information that will help you see the arguments from both sides so you can decide for yourself what the Bible teaches on this matter. Steve has given me permission to to make our informal discussion available on our web site. I hope you find it helpful. The file is pdf format.


A nice lady named Amy contacted me about an article I wrote in the paper and began discussing the Sabbath with me through email. Though lengthy, I think you will find this discussion insightful. Decide for yourself if the Sabbath is binding on the Christian today. If Amy or her husband makes a future response, I will add it to the discussion listed here. Her response is in blue and mine in black.

Sabbath Discussion


Unfortunately, Christians have a tendency to fall away from the Lord and lose sight of what is important in life. Below is a worksheet for you to give to the fallen to help remind them of how important they are to God and the church. Also, I produced an audio lesson below that you can burn to a CD and hand out to the fallen as well. This audio lesson is designed to help get the fallen to remember what they are giving up and why they should return back home to the Lord. I hope you find these two tools helpful

Audio lesson

Here are several lessons in pdf format that you can print out and use for Bible class. Many of these are adapted from workbooks written by Bill E. Smith and Willard Conchin. They make great topical studies, I hope you find them helpful.

What will love do
Things we wish we knew
Divine Couplets






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