Qualifications of an Elder


1 Timothy 3

Titus 1

Brief definition

v.1 Desire


He must desire the office and not be forced into it

v.2 Above reproach

v.6 Blameless

Not sinless but one who is right with God

v.2 Husband of one wife

v.6 Husband of one wife

A one women man

v.2 Temperate


Not given to excesses; abstaining from wine

v.2 Sober

v.8 Sober-minded

Sound in their thinking and exercises self control

v.2 Good behavior


One who is orderly and well mannered in his life

v.2 Hospitable

v.8 Hospitable

Literally means lover of strangers

v.2 Apt to teach

v.9 Hold firm to the word

Capable of teaching others the Word of God

v.3 Not given to wine

v.7 Not given to wine

Not a drunkard

v.3 Not violent

v.7 Not violent

Canít be physically or verbally abusive

v.3 Not greedy for money

v.7 Not greedy for money

Canít have an unhealthy desire for material possessions or inordinate desire for money

v.3 Patient

v.7 Not quick-tempered

Being fair, mild or gentle

v.3 Not quarrelsome


One who abstains from starting fights

v.3 Not covetous


Not a lover of money

v.4 Rules his house well having his children in submission with respect

v.5 Having faithful children who are not wild and disobedient

If his household is not in order how can he be an effective leader in the church?

v.6 Not a novice


Must be strong in the scriptures and in experience

v.7 Have a good report with those of the world


They must be righteous in the church and outside the church


v.7 Not self willed

Canít be self-pleasing or arrogant


v.8 Loversof good

One who approves of the things which are excellent


v.8 Just

He is honest and makes just decisions


v.8 Holy

One who is devoted to the worship and service of God


v.8 Self-controlled

Having his emotions and passions under control