1Tim 2:1-7


There are 3 main thoughts to be found in these 7 verses. First we will talk about prayers, 2nd we will talk about how God desires all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Third, we will look at how Christ is our one mediator.


Read the verse. In verse 1 we see 4 different kinds of prayer mentioned here. The first is


Supplications has the idea of making a request for a specific situation or need.

Prayer- is classified as prayer to God in general

Intercession- Carries the idea of praying for others on their behalf. Luke 22:31-32

Giving of Thanks would be expression of gratitude for God has done for us. James 1:17.


Some times we be thankful for our material blessing or we might express thanks for our spiritual blessings. One thing that might be hard for some of us to be thankful for is found in 2Thess 1:3. Other than meeting here on a church most of hardly have any interaction with one another making it almost impossible to know if we are growing in the faith or that we are growing stronger in the love for one another.


Notice that these prayers of ours are to be for all men (anthropos humans; aner- men only).


Jesus earth Philip 2:5-11


Mediator Heb 4:14, Heb 2:18


We all have roles 1cor 12:12-21 , rom 12:4-5 we are all equal in the sight if god Gal 3:26-29.


Women being silent 1Cor 14: 34-36, 1Cor 11:3, titus 2: 3-5