1Timothy 4

Vr7 See Heb. 5:12-14. How does one become capable of doing this?


Vr8. Paul compares the physical to the spiritual here. When one in faithful to spiritual execercisze that is following the word of God we will be blessed by God, and have blessing in this life and the one to come.


Vr9 this is the 3rd time Paul has said this as faithful saying in this book. The things he has said here a worthy for us to take not of that we must follow the pattern laid out in the word of God and live our lives by the word of God. Read John 12:48 (judged by the word of god) .


Vrs 10As Christianswe suffer in one manner or another 2tim 3:12. We also labor for the Lord because we have a goal of heaven and we put our trust in God and his marvelous grace. Read Heb 12:1-2. So many times Paul describes Christianity as a race I like how he describes once again in 1Cort. 9:24-27.


Vrs 11 Here Paul is telling Timothy to teach and command these things. When the preacher is preaching the word of God in truth we need to pay attention and take heed to what he says because he not speaking on his own authority but by the authority of God.


Vrs 12When Paul calls Timothy a youth here it does not mean he was teenager because back then you wereconsidered a youth until the age of 40. Most scholar agree that Timothy was some around the age 35 when Paul wrote this letter to him. In word (controlling your language and how you say things) conduct (you must conduct your life as one who is following the word of God) love (having a sincere love for your brothers and sister in Christ) spirit (Living you life is such a way that people can see the spirit of Christ in you) in faith (showing confidence in the word of god) purity ( This is exercising self control and not getting involved in those things that are sinful).


Vrs 13 They didnít have a nice book with all the letters in them like we do so they would take a letter like Paul wrote to Timothy and read it for everyone to hear. For example see Col 4:16, 1Thes 5:27, Rev 1:23. After the reading then the exhortation would take place. That is they would apply what they read to peoples life. This is good old fashion preaching taking the word of God and making application of it. So many preachers you hear on the radio are more interested in telling some heart felt story and they barely mention any scripture.


Vrs 14.Does thisverse teach that the eldership gave Timothy a miraculous gift through the laying on their hands? No of course it doesnít. We know that the Bible shows over and over again that it was only the apostles who pass on the miraculous gift to another person. In fact in 2Tim 1:6 we find that it was the apostle Paul by the will of the Holy Spirit that gave Timothy his miraculous gift. Notice in that verse it was through Pauls hand that he received the miraculous gift. In our verse we see that through prophecy that is some prophet had apparently prophecied about Timothy and I believe this happened while he was in Lystra when Paul and Silias took him along on their journery and it was at this time that the eldership laid their hands on him in approval of these prophecies and to send him on his journey with approval. At this time was also when he received the miraculous gift from Paul. We also do not need to neglect the gift God has given us. If we have a talent we should use to glorify God.


Vrs 15. Timothy is told to mediate and to give himself entirely to the word of God. This is exactly what Ezra Ezra 7:10 For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the Law of the LORD, and to do it, and to teach statutes and ordinances in Israel. Not only is this crucial for a minister we should all make the word of God a part of our everyday lives. The more you eat, breath and sleep the scriptures the more you put the words of life into your heart and push out the evil thoughts of the world.


Vrs 16 Continuing on from vrs 15 the preacher and all Christians need to watch out for yourselves and for true doctrine. He answer how by saying continue you in them always learning and always growing. When a minister does this he surely will save himself and if the people heed his words about the word of God and apply it to their lives they to will be saved.