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Today there is a great need for the basic principles of the Bible to be taught again. One topic that many misunderstand is baptism. Is it necessary for salvation or is it just an outward sign for an inward change? Is baptism a work of man? This book will answer questions like these and many more.

Whether this book is used for a quarterly adult Bible class, personal growth, or evangelism, you will gain a deeper understating about baptism and how to defend it from the Scriptures.

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IS BAPTISM ESSENTIAL TO SALVATION? The Bible is very clear with an answer to that question and Collins has researched it well. This book should be especially useful in personal evangelism. I am also finding it helpful in my pulpit preaching as well as material being presented in the television programs, IN SEARCH OF THE LORD’S WAY. I am sure God can use it to lead the lost to salvation. 
– Mack Lyon

Those who love the Word will gain much from reading this book. You have entered more specifics than any other writer that I have read from.
– Jo Daniel

This book is an excellent resource guide on the subject of baptism.  The author's impeccable logic, scriptural insight, and persuasive writing style are sure to reach lost souls with the truth about baptism.  With such mass confusion over the subject of baptism, this book is sure to point the reader toward God's original design for baptism.
— Ben Bailey


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I wrote this book because I could not find one that covered all the aspects of baptism in one book. I have researched this topic well, and I believe that every Christian would benefit from reading it. It will increase your knowledge about water baptism and it will give you the necessary tools to answer all the major arguments against the necessity of baptism.

Please let your elders know about this book, and ask them to buy copies for your members. My main goal is to get the information in my book into as many hands as possible because it proves that baptism is necessary for salvation. It always surprises me at how many people have missed this simply truth.

Cougan Collins