In our last lesson, we began looking at the complex nature of the human body. We looked at our cells and tissues. The main thought I want to impress on you is that our bodies and everything that is involved to make them work is far beyond what could have happened through some random mutations over time. Instead, it is obvious that all the small details that allow us to exist and do the things we do was intelligently designed or as one of my elders said, Divinely designed.


In this lesson, we will examine some more details about the body that I believe reinforce the idea of us being designed. I also want to briefly show you two of Godís creatures that defy evolution as well.


The next category I want to discuss is our organs. The biggest organ of the human body is our skin. The skin system can be broken down into three areas: the skin layers, the glands, and the hair and nails.


If you took the skin off a 150 lb man and spread it out it would cover a 20 square foot area and would weight about 9 pounds. There is a lot going in our skin. In his book, ďThe Wonder of ManĒ Werner Gitt tells us that one square centimeter of skin contains:


         6,000,000 cells

         100 sweat glands

         10 sebaceous [su-base-shus] glands (secretes sebum [say-bum](usually into a hair follicle) for lubricating hair and skin.

         5,000 sensory corpuscles [cor-pue-cells]

         200 glands

         25 pressure points

         12 cold-sensitive points and pain points

         2 heat sensitive points


Again, keep in mind all of this can be found in just 1 square centimeter of the skin. The skin itself has two main layers:


1.      Outer layer know as the epidermis. The upper part of this layer is dead and is constantly being replaced with new cells. This layer also controls what color our skin will be.

2.      The lower layer is called the dermis, which a spongy, leathery area that acts like a protective cushion for the body. This layer is where the hair follicles, glands, nerve endings, capillaries and lymphatic vessels are located. Though we touch with out outer layer, it is actual this lower layer that detects the sense of touch and sends that information to our brain.


The skin is an amazing sense organ in that we can detect a light breeze or a light touch. We can experience emotion, comfort, and other things by how someone touches us. The hairs on our body also serve as a way to enhance our sense of touch. For example, our eyelashes warn us when dust strikes them. One function for our bodyís hairs is they act like levers to help squeeze the oil glands. Also hair in the nose and ears serves as a filter. Hairs are programmed to grow only a certain length before they fall out, and most of time they are replaced with new ones.


The end of our fingers and toes are protected by a nail. Most of the nail is dead except for that small white crescent part. The fingernails grow 3 times as fast as the toe-nails, which again appears to be designed that way based on how we use our toes and fingers. Also, the skin on the underside of our fingers, palms, and soles of our feet have no hair and have a friction type of surface designed for gripping.


Very quickly letís look at 10 reasons the skin is one of our most vital organs:


1.      It helps keep bacteria from entering our system.

2.      It protects the interior parts of the body from cuts, bruises, etc.

3.      It acts as a waterproof wall that holds in the fluids of the body (we are 75% fluid).

4.      Its melanin acts like a light filter which helps protect us from the harmful rays of the sun.

5.      It is a major sense organ for cold, heat, pain, pressure, etc.

6.      The sweat glands help eliminate waste products, and also help cool the skin.

7.      The oil glands help keep the skin soft and keep it from cracking while providing a waterproofing system.

8.      The skin acts like a radiator because 1/3 of the bodyís blood circulates through it which helps regulate our body temperature.

9.      Like a chemical processing plant our skin converts the rays from the sun into Vitamin D, which our body needs for the utilization of calcium.

10.  As odd as it may sound, our skin also performs a respiratory function in which it handles about 1 to 2 percent of the gas exchange in the body.


I know I have given you a lot of information about our skin, but I want you to understand just how complex and precise even our skin is. Again, I ask, do you think all these things that are skin does and how it functions could have happened by accident? Personally, I cannot. To me, it was obviously made that way from the beginning. If you take out some of these functions of the skin, it would certainly spell disaster for the existence of the human race.


We do not have time to look at all the organs in the body, but I do want to look a few more of them. Our brain is located in a well protected case we call the skull. A humanist named Isaac Asimov said that a manís brain is:


the most complex and orderly arrangement of matter in the universe.


Question. Who made this complex orderly arrangement? Of course, my answer would be God. The human brain weighs about 3 pounds and can be broken up into three main areas:


1.      Cerebrum is the thinking and learning center of the brain, which deciphers input from sensory organs and controls voluntary muscles.††

2.      Cerebellum is responsible for our equilibrium and muscle coordination.

3.      The brain stem controls our involuntary muscles such a regulating our heart beat, digestion, breathing, etc.


The memory capacity of our brains is astonishing. Carl Sagan wrote:


The information content of the human brain expressed in bits is probably comparable to the total number of connections among the neurons Ė about a hundred trillion. If written out in English, that information would fill some twenty million volumes, as many as in the wordís largest libraries. The equivalent of twenty million books is inside the heads of everyone of us. The brain is a very big place in a very small space.


One writer said:


Many researchers think of the brain as a computer. This comparison is inadequate. Even the most sophisticated computers that we can envision are crude compared to the almost infinite complexity and flexibility of the human brain (Pines).


No one has a problem with saying that a computer was created and designed by man. Why then by comparison do some have trouble seeing the brain as being designed, which surpasses even the most powerful supercomputer?


In addition to the brainís phenomenal memory capacity, it has the ability to tell our hands to use a certain amount force and for them to create the right movement to pick up a pen up from a desk. We take things like that for granted, but for our brain to carry out that task takes some precise control and mathematical precision. This is but one of the hundreds of task we do each day. Our brain is so powerful that it can take in multiple inputs at the same time, and perform multiple tasks at the same time, which is why you can pat you head with one hand and rub your belly with other at the same time. Also, you continue breath, hear, taste, and you can talk at the same time just to name a few.


I am in agreement with this statement made by the brain surgeon, Dr Robert:


I am left with no choice by to acknowledge the existence of a Superior Intellect, responsible for the design and development of the incredible brain-mind relationship Ė something far beyond manís capacity to understand.


Even the complexity of the brain doesnít stop the evolutionists from believing it simply developed over time. The brain is one of the most difficult organs for them to explain away, but hopefully you and I can see that our brains did not come about by accident but by design.


Letís look at one more organ. The eye is a sensory organ. Though Charles Darwin believed in evolution, notice what he admits in his book The Origin of Species:


To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances [unmatched abilities] for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration [An optical aberration in which the image has colored fringes] could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest sense.


I just wonder if Darwin was alive today if he would still hold his view on evolution now that we know so much more about complexity of life. Other evolutionists have been troubled by the human eye as well. Dr. Jastrow writing in 1981 said:


The eye is a marvelous instrument, resembling a telescope of the highest quality, with a lens, an adjustable focus, a variable diaphragm for controlling the amount of light, and optical corrections for spherical and chromatic aberration. The eye appears to have been designed; no designer of telescopes could have done better. How could this marvelous instrument have evolved by chance, through a succession of random events?


This same man further states:


Ö there seems to be no direct proof that evolution can work these miracles Ö it is hard to accept the evolution of the eyes as a product of chance.


The way the eye works is extremely complex. Images of light enter the eyes at 186,000 miles per second through the iris which opens and shuts like a diaphragm of a camera to let just the right amount of light in. Then the image is focused by the lens of the eye upside down on the retina at the rear of the eyeball. That image is picked up by some 137 million nerve endings, which sends the information to the brain at 300 miles an hour for processing. There are a lot more details to this process of seeing an image, but this basic information gives you a glimpse into how well the eyes and brain work together just for us to see one image.


Many compare the eye to a camera. In fact, the camera was pattered after the human eye. Of course, no camera is capable of doing what the eye does. It has been estimated that our eyes can take and process a half million pictures per day. No one has a problem understanding that a camera was designed by man, why would anyone have problem seeing that one of the most sophisticated cameras out there, the human eye, was designed?


I wish I had more time to talk about some of our other organs because the way they function and how they work with the rest of the body also shows that we were designed. As the Bible proclaims:

Proverbs 20:12 The hearing ear and the seeing eye, The LORD has made them both.


Psalm 139:13 For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother's womb.14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;


The last category I want to discuss is the systems that are found in the body. Though there are many, for our time we will briefly look at the nervous system. The nervous system is the communication center of the body. In consists of the brain, spinal cord, and the nerves. The nervous system has many functions. For example it:


  • Regulates the actions of organs like the muscles, liver, kidneys, etc.
  • Monitors the senses such as seeing, hearing, feeling, etc.
  • Controls our thinking, learning, and memory capacity.
  • The nerves transmit its data at 300 mph to the brain, and the brain then takes the appropriate action.


Evolutionist John Pfeiffer called the nervous system:


The most elaborate communication system every devised.


Who devised it? My answer is God.


In 1989, Encyclopedia Britannica wrote:


Transmission of information within the nervous system is more complex that the largest telephone exchanges.


Again, I have to ask, if it took intelligent beings to make the telephone system then why would we doubt that such an elaborate communication system within one human was also made by an intelligent being?


It does not matter what system you look at in our bodies or what organs or tissues, they all scream intelligent design.


Now letís take a quick look at few Scriptures that show scientific foreknowledge about the body.


Leviticus 17:11 'For the life of the flesh is in the blood.


We know this now, but we did not know this back during the time of George Washington. During his day, they believed if you drained the blood it would make you get better, but this practice is what killed George Washington. Though we know this truth about our blood now, how did Moses know it way back then?


Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her Seed


This passage teaches us those both male and female posses the seed of life. Again, we know this is true today, but just a few centuries ago we did not. In fact, they had some strange ideas about the process such as the woman just being incubator for the seed of man. But, how did Moses know the truth? It is because God gave him this information.


Genesis 17:12 "He who is eight days old among you shall be circumcised, every male child in your generations,


It interesting that God chose the eighth day for the newborn to be circumcised because there are three things necessary for blood to clot:


  1. platelets
  2. vitamin K
  3. prothrombin


Without these in place a child or any human would bleed to death. We know now that it is not until day 5 to day 7 that a newborn has high enough level of vitamin K to cause blood clotting, so it would make sense to wait until sometime after that to ensure the level is high enough to do a surgery. But why did God choose day 8? I love this part. We have discovered that only on the 8th day, the prothrombin is elevated above 100% of normal and makes it the perfect day for the best blood clotting for a surgery like circumcision. Yes, we have been able to cheat this in the medical field by giving them a shot to make them clot on the first day, but without that medical intervention, the best day would still be the eighth day. I have same question? How could they have known that the eighth day was the best day for this practice? Of course, my answer is always going to be that it came from God.


Once again, we find the Bible to be spot on even though these things were not proven until much later. Before we finish our lesson, I want to give you two examples of Godís creatures that defy evolution. There is a video you can watch called INCREDIBLE CREATURES THAT DEFY EVOLUTION by a former atheist named Andy Butcher. It wasnít until he started studying these animals that his faith in evolution was destroyed. As he observed the complexity of Godís creatures and how everything had to be in place for them to live, he realized there had to be a designer.


Our first creature is the Bombardier Beetle. This creature defends itself in a very interesting manner. Its body has two sacks of chemicals that explode when added together, but are benign when kept separate. Thus, the first capability of this beetle is that it has two separate sacks that keep these chemicals separate until the beetle needs the chemicals to protect itself. Without these two sacks being in place, the beetle would blow up.

The second capability of the beetle is that it has an asbestos type lining in his "firebox" in which the chemicals are added. This "firebox" lining keeps the chemical explosion from destroying the body of the beetle. This is another feature that had to be in place from the beginning.

A third capability is how the beetle shoots its explosive chemical. Instead of it coming out in one big burst it pulsates the blast. If the stream were continuous, the beetle would be blown away from the chemical coming out of its body. Since it pulsates its blast it is able to hold on. This is another ability had to be place from the beginning and could not evolved over millions of years.

Fourth, the beetle can also aim his protective blast in different directions that way he can defend himself from predators that approach him from the front or rear. Now think about this. the evolutionist would have to say this was something that developed over time, but that is not possible considering how all these features work together and had to be in place at the same time otherwise the beetle would have been defenseless for a long period of time and if only part of this defense mechanism was in place it would have killed the beetle. Thus, the Bombardier Beetle by itself disproves evolution.

The last animal we are going to look at is the chicken and what it takes for it to develop and be born. If you ever put eggs in warm water you will notice that they bubble. The reason they bubble is because they have about 10,000 tiny holes so that the developing chick can breathe and remove waste from the egg. If it was not able remove the waste from the egg, it would end up drowning itself.

What is amazing is the precise timing that is required for a chick to develop and live. It is this timing that defies evolution because this is another animal that would have to have everything in place at once before it could live.

If you peel an egg you will notice it has a membrane on the egg and the top of the egg there is little space that looks like it just didnít quite fill in. This small area is called the air sack. More on that in a minute.

At day 5 in the development of the chick, its heart has started to beat. He grows these blood vessels. Some of these vessels go to the membrane which supplies him oxygen and gives a path to get rid of his waste, and some of them go to the yolk to supply him with food.

By the 19th day, the chick runs out of room in the egg and he has developed an egg tooth at the end of his beak. He uses this tooth to poke through and gain access to that air pocket I talked about earlier. This will give him 6 hrs of more air. He has to do it on the 19th day otherwise the chick will die. He uses this 6 hrs of air to poke a hole through egg shell so he can get more oxygen to breath from the 19th day to the 21st day. On the 21st day, he comes of the shell and the membrane and other blood vessels that are left fall off and he is now ready to live life.

Again, I want to stress that all these steps had to be in place on the right day, and the chick had to know what it was suppose to do at the right time in order for it not to die. There is no way this can be explained away by evolution, but it can be explained away by saying that it was designed and created that way.

There are many more of Godís creatures we could examine that would show this same truth, but all it takes is one to disprove evolution because if one creature was created then it shows there is an intelligent designer and we know for fact that is was not man, but God who created our universe and everything in it. I hope you have enjoyed this series and will share this information with those around you.