Kingdom /Church


Are the kingdom and the church the same thing?


John 3:3-5 and Acts 2:38, 41, 47, 1Cor 12:13The kingdom and the church are entered the same way

Heb. 12:22-24 the church and Heb. 12:28 the kingdom interchangeable.

Saved the best for last Mat. 16:18-19


When did the kingdom/church begin.


Dan 2: 31-45

Head of God – King Nebuchadnezzar

Breast and arms of silver– Medo-Persians

The belly and thighs of brass – Greece

Legs of Iron and feet of iron mixed with clay – Roman Empire (63 BC – 476AD)


Verse 44 gives a time frame that Gods kingdom would be set up during the Roman Empire


Isa 2: 1-3 speak of the kingdom being set up in the last days and it is to have it beginning in Jerusalem.


The kingdom was not set up while Jesus was on the earth.


Mat. 3:1-3 John said the kingdom was at hand.

Mat. 4:17 Jesus said the kingdom was at hand.

Mat. 6:9 Jesus prays for the coming of the kingdom.

Mat. 10:7 Jesus sent the 12 out and told them to preach that the kingdom was at hand.


Mark 9:1 Kingdom would come with power

Luke 24:44-49 The spirit and the power were to come together

If we can show when the spirit came we can also show when the kingdom came.

Acts 1:8 Jesus tells the apostles to wait in Jerusalem to receive power from the HS

Acts 2:1-4 The spirit came on Pentecost so the kingdom came at Pentecost.

According to Isaiah the kingdom was to start in Jerusalem and it did Isaiah also tells us that the kingdom was start in the last days. Please notice what Peter says in Acts 2:14-17. Notice it was in the last days that the spirit was to be poured and Peter says this is that which you are seeing.


You will also notice that before the day of Pentecost the kingdom is spoken of in a future sense but After the day of Pentecost it is spoken of as present reality.


Col 1:13 also see acts 8:12.


We can clearly see that the church/kingdom had its beginning at the day of Pentecost.